harini je dah 2 entri aku buat.
tp, td blogwalking sekejap.
sgt tertarik dgn kata pujangga ini

senyum itu adalah kunci kebahagiaan,
cinta itu pula pintunya,
kegembiraan adalah taman bunganya,
iman itu adalah cahayanya,
dan keamananan itu adalah temboknya.

inshaAllah, faeizen akan menjadi lebih baik dan bersemangat.
thx to amirah for the entry.
like what mimiey said.
people come and go.
although u spend 100000000000000litre of tears,
nothing happen . unless ur prayer can help u.
so, from now on, i will live my life to the fullest.
i'll love all the great moments with that person...without any regret.
i promise. no matter what happen after this.
if i see something he will do that can hurt my heart.
i'll close my eyes.and think that just only a dream.only dream.and i'll forget and forgive.juz let it go.
many things are waiting for me.
so, i hope, i can say "let gone be bygone" one day.
i always pray that all the happiness can be my bestfriend after this.
and i'll make sure i'll grab all the precious things and keep it with care.
so that, when i was called by Him,i can bring all those things to be remember of in our real world there...inshaAllah...

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