FORGIVE..before i wanna people forgive me, I should forgive first. and I said to myself a lot of times. but saying is a whole lot easier la kan...misunderstanding, hate people comes from many aspects...LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, FRIENDSHIP,SIBLING,RELATIVES AND STRANGER... but , some caused by myself, some probably  come from the other party too.

when we know the truth sometimes it might be awesome  bright..or it might be pretty damn !

actually, some people dont want forget. that's another way of thinking too. don't ever forget bcoz people learn from mistakes and history. but, I think what forget really mean is that don't ever evoke or recall what that person did to us,or else we'll tend to take revenge. so,I hope from now,  I will just leave it and live on and try to not recall it. but sometimes, not even perbualan yg mengingat situasi tu...kdg2 mengingat no no...i must be strong .

everybody always say i'm not perfect. isn't it?
so, Faeizen, berubah ya...dun get angry easily maybe some wanna BERGURAU,wanna be respected,control ur emotion, dont too open with the others, keep some story of urs with Allah, dont too sensitive, dont always ask for the love from people think you do not deserve their love. they must have people who deserve for theirs. so, why you bother ? keep changing and changing..bcoz change is difficult than saying .

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