a thousand years

waiting...waiting for my real 'jodoh'..inshaAllah...hopefully he is my future imam.
past is past...all my tears i'd cried before coz of waiting someone ,mr I..will  dissapear coz my heart is really a puzzle..he deserves someone better for him..i will always pray for him.tq coz u've been my part of life and give me a lot of emotion,sweet,bitter and sad...if u still cant accept me as a women u ever loved, could u accept me as a fren? cuz i already accept u as a fren as u wish...i think that's the biggest present from me...plz appreciate it even i know u hate me no matter how many times i explain to u...u still cant never ever accept what i'm saying about...i think i'm juz like devil when u break ur promises...shame on emotion really sick coz of anger really in maximum..all people like been scolded by me. and i think, juz bcoz u and me, all things are ruined ..i think its enough...i've go through a lot of danger,fear,grief to forget all about u...ur last words wil never ever been forgotten...i hope u will mark ur word...whatever u said to ur frens or to me like a bitch or wahtsoever, i think no women will love u like what i did! u never seen that coz u always see my offense. i repeat, no women will love u like me. but, i hope u will meet the person who can complete to each other,u and her. .=)

cinta tu xsemestinya dapat dimiliki..cukuplah kenangan yg sesuai utk diingat...sbb kalau byk ingat yg manis2, kita jadi rindu, lalai pd Allah, lebih baik ingat berpada2, xperlu lah ingat keburukan dah...buat tambah kehitaman kat hati...dulu ye...skrg x...huhu...aku doakan dia sihat walafiat dan bahagia dunia dan akhirat. harap dpt jd kawan yg kalau boleh tggu lah lepas grad..rasa lum masanya lg skrg ni...

a thousand year,dedicated to my future imam,who can protect me, who can guide me, who can love me forever, who can forgive me in many times, who can give a lot of love of his parents, who can cheer me up, who can give and take with me, who can live with me until the end of my life and in syurga inshaAllah...

i really really really want to APOLOGIZE for all my silly and the most stupid mistakes i've done before not only related to him, but to my friends, and  my family.

give me a chance to renew my spirit and give me strength to do it and if u can't, juz do not add more pain...

i'm not that kind of person who BAJET BAIK or is me and the way i am juz  bcoz i want to change after i'd a little bit tersasar dari jalan yg benar.we have to change even though u did wrong for 100 times. I ask forgiveness from people BUT i know it's a lil bit late, but i really hope whoever hate me ya i know many, but plz forgive me.i seek ur forgiveness...whoever and wherever u are, i'm sorry.....i'm sorry....i'm sorry......if people cant forgive me, i still hv to change ya i hope i still hv that strength to do so even my heart always gelisah, this is my responsibilities towards Allah. change to a better slave for HIM.. i hv to be strong and change. hope people do not make a joke around of  "Faeizen want to change"..plz..if u cant help, juz do not let me down is very difficult to change.i'll try my best so that people would not get hurt coz of me..iA.sarangheyo..tQ ^_^

i've to go now.see my beloved doctor.=)
 luv u all.

pray for me ya ^_^ 


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